Kalanchoe Garden

If you’re looking for a colorful, easy-care plant, choose Kalanchoe Garden. This succulent is popular for its ease of use, rich colors and uses and can create a cozy atmosphere both indoors and outdoors (in summer). Plus: he can easily go a week without water!

Kalanchoe Garden is a real summer bloomer. From May to September – from a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius – it can easily be placed outside on the balcony or terrace. It does well in shade, partial shade and sun.

succulent plant
Unlike other summer bloomers, you only need to water this plant once a week. This is because it is a succulent plant that stores water in its thick, sturdy leaves. The plant originally grows in dry, savanna-like areas, so it is used to large temperature differences and bright sun. Ideal, especially if it is a very dry, sunny and warm summer.

Colorful Bloomer
When the Kalanchoe Garden is in bloom, it has dozens of colored flowers. The desert rose is available in many different colors, including red, pink, orange, yellow, white and purple. The foliage is firm, dark green and glossy; the flowers contrast beautifully. Kalanchoe Garden can reach a height of 10 to 25 centimeters.

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