Houseplants surprise and seduce. They are all special, but zamioculcas is a very wonderful specimen. This deep dark green type became an absolute hero for the home in just ten years. So it’s time to put it in the spotlight.

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Zamioculcas is a must for everyone, with or without green fingers. Dry air, radiators, kids, pets, low light and irregular watering… Zammy does it. In the natural environment, both female and male flowers can appear on the zamioculcas. But the hero status of zamioculcas is mainly based on those sturdy, strikingly regular and above all brilliantly glossy leaves.

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Zamioculcas is a nice grower. If you want to keep a small plant, use smaller pots. If you long for larger specimens, take generous pots. Turn the zamioculcas occasionally so that it continues to grow nicely on all sides. You can also occasionally cut off the excess or unwilling shoots at the base. Then use them as leaf stems in narrow, sleek vases.

Tip: preferably place this plant in a semi-sun, light place. Do not water too much, do not let it dry out. Remove the leaves now and then, or place zamioculcas in a drizzle for that optimal leaf shine.

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